Multitasking CNC machine

Macchina CNC multifunzione

 Multitasking CNC Machine

Tecnoitalia is now equipped with a modern CNC blade and milling cutting center for the drawing processing on a variety of materials available in stock, with important applications ranging from the advertising graphic sector to the mechanical and robotics industry.

We produce pieces from customer drawings in .pdf, .dxf, .dwg and other formats, even for small series for which it is not convenient to make a suitable hollow cutter.

Within the limits imposed by the kind of material or the required shapes, we can evaluate the fast and precise blade cutting or machining with milling cutter that allows to perform partial emptying, V-shaped channels for bending, drilling and flaring.

The high versatility and precision of our CNC machine, together with the availability of the material in stock, allow us to respond quickly to the customer’s request, starting from feasibility and estimate up to the actual realization of the piece.

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