Alveolar Polypropylene

Alveolar Polypropylene is produced through extrusion in the form of rigid panels. It cannot be damaged by climatic agents or chemical substances and is long lasting, hygienic, water repellent. Furthermore, it can be printed on both sides (flexographic, silk-screen and pad printing), cut, die-cut, fixed with nails, screws and staples.

Polypropylene is composed by coal and hydrogen and once it is burnt it releases just carbon dioxide and water, as it happens with wood or wool. The concentration of hard metals (cadmium, mercury or lead) in Polypropylene is less than 0,001%. It is not dangerous for either environment or health. At environment temperature it does not release harmful gases and if treated it does not become dangerous.


Among the various purposes for which Polypropylene is used, we would like to mention the following ones: poster-designing, signage, supports for the manufacture of paper and cardboard articles, graphics, advertising and packing for different kind of goods.

Range at stock

Article codeArticle descriptionColourThickness (mm)Size (mm)
009LPB0350P025ALV. POLYPROP. 350WHITE2,53050 x 2050
009LPB0600P03ALV. POLYPROP. 600WHITE31420 x 1020
009LPB0600P03*ALV. POLYPROP. 600WHITE33050 x 2050
009LPB0800P035ALV. POLYPROP. 800WHITE3,53050 x 2050
009LPB1000P04ALV. POLYPROP. 1000WHITE42000 x 1000
009LPB1000P04*ALV. POLYPROP. 1000WHITE43050 x 2050
009LPB2000P10ALV. POLYPROP. 2000WHITE103050 x 2050
009LPBNT0600P03*ALV. POLYPROP. 600TRANSPARENT33050 x 2050
009LPG03ALV. POLYPROP. 600YELLOW31420 x 1020
009LPN03ALV. POLYPROP. 600BLACK31420 x 1020
009LPN03AALV. POLYPROP. 600BLACK33050 x 2050
009LPRAZ03ALV. POLYPROP. 600LIGHT BLUE31420 x 1020
009LPRO03ALV. POLYPROP. 600RED31420 x 1020
009LPN05ALV. POLYPROP. 1200BLACK53050 x 2050
009LPN300011ALV. POLYPROP. 3000 DOUBLE PIPEBLACK113050 x 1900

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